M. Usman Khalid, P.Eng, M.Eng, CAMA

I came to Canada as an international student passionate about studying and practicing engineering. It is an incredible journey of how I transformed from a freshman in the Canadian engineering industry into an experienced professional engineer who advises young and senior professionals to excel in their careers.

Brief Summary

Usman is the Licensed Professional Engineer, P.Eng. in the Province of Ontario, with over 12 years of diverse experience in engineering design, infrastructure planning, asset management, regulatory frameworks, and engineering law. He has honed his expertise across a multitude of industries, including railway, oil and gas, transportation, utilities, power generation, and steel. His proficiency extends beyond technical realms to the intricacies of contracts, positioning him uniquely at the nexus of engineering and legal consultancy.

He attained his Electrical and Computer Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. He is a member of several prestigious bodies, such as Professional Engineer Ontario, the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC), and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). He also sits in several working groups and technical committees with the government, regulators, intervenors, lawyers, and other significant stakeholders and partners to shape regulations and policies around the energy market.

He is an educationist, trainer, and mentor who has guided a large number of engineering graduates as well as working professionals both locally and internationally in advancing their careers in engineering.

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