Get a License to Practice Engineering in Canada

We are Canadian professional engineers who support prospective engineers throughout their regulatory journey of obtaining their license to practice engineering in Canada.

Your License to Professional Engineering, P.Eng. in Canada.

Getting a P.Eng. license is an important milestone indicating a person meets the highest standard of engineering education and work experience. The consultation will be designed uniquely to your educational and experience circumstances so that your journey to licensure is smooth and enjoyable.

How the Engineering Practice Consulting will work?

Depending upon your nature of education and experience, you may be able to skip some steps shown below:

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Fill the Contact Us Form

In this step, you will express your interest and provide basic information about your engineering education and experience. At this stage, you will be expected to provide the nature of consulting you want to recieve

Submit Form
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25 min Discovery Call

Based on your selection for the service needed, 25 min discovery call will be established to develop the road map and identify key items that needed attention

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Educational and Experience Assessment

Following the discovery call, a detailed assessment of education and experience will be carried out

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Technical Exam Preparation (If Applicable)

Depending upon the nature of your education, you may want to write the technical exam. In this step, support to write technical exam will be provided

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NPPE Exam Preparation

Every candidate for the P.Eng license has to write the NPPE exam to complete his academic assessement. In this step, support will be provided to write the NPPE exam.

Buy NPPE Practice Test
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Competency-based Experience (CBA) Review

Congratulations! if you are at this stage, you've received your academic assessment of your education. At this stage, we will help you write the experience around deied competencies in the best way possible.

If you are currently working towards obtaining the required 48 months of engineering experience, our CBA resources and templates are at your disposal. These tools will assist you in gathering the necessary information regarding your daily work, ensuring that you have concrete evidence of your competencies when it comes time to submit to the regulator.

Depending on the depth and breadth of your engineering experience, you may be requested to provide additional explanations on your engineering experience or appear in an interview. At this stage, one-on-one interview prep can be provided to help you nail down your license interview

About Us

Whether you intend to study engineering or you have already studied engineering and currently embarking on your journey to becoming a licensed engineer, We believe the advice must always come from experienced professional engineers.


M. Usman Khalid, P.Eng, M.Eng. CAMA

Usman is the Licensed Professional Engineer, P.Eng. in the Province of Ontario, with over 12 years of engineering and regulatory experience in various sectors such as Power and Energy Utilities and Municipalities, Railway and Transport, and Lean Manufacturing.

He attained his Electrical and Computer Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, specializing in Sustainable Energy. He is currently a member in good standing with Professional Engineer Ontario (PEO), Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC), and Standard's Council of Canada (SCC)

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